We are committed to provide an excellent level of customer service and strive to maintain this by having well qualified/trained staff and up to date equipment. Each and everyone of our team is required to be customer focussed to meet your requirements in every step of the process.

Customer requirements are established by speaking to customers like you whilst on site, whilst communicating with our HQ based team and by quality surveys. We put your needs first, to make your life easier and to meet your deadlines.

We have a dedicated team ready to handle your site investigation from start to finish and continued support via our Client Services Team after the work has completed. You will be assigned a team who will look after your project and who are available to answer any queries you have.

We will respond quickly and effectively to any queries you have. We work in an industry that is very changeable – we are very adaptable to change and will endeavour to regroup our services to meet your changing requirements as quickly as we can. We offer you a can do attitude. There are times when projects over run, due to unforeseen ground conditions or change of scope which are beyond our control, which may have an impact on your project. We will endeavour to keep you up to date of the latest developments.

All our staff are well trained and follow continued development programs to maintain their skills and also learn new skills. We invest in our team to provide you with the best teams to deliver your projects.

We invest in up to date equipment to allow us to utilise the best equipment to meet your requirements.

We offer a bespoke service to you, we listen to what you want and will tailor our services to meet these needs. You are also assured the same level of service even after the project has been completed.

We welcome your feedback and particularly welcome any feedback that may be used to improve our services to you. If you do have a complaint or comment we will acknowledge within 24 hours and respond within 72 hours, we will endeavour to resolve complaints within a calendar month. Our contact details are – 01642 481144.

In return we need you to:

give us the correct information at the right time;

tell us when something changes as quickly as you can;

treat our staff with respect.

23/05/19 Reviewed